Hit Points

Players will roll their 1st level character’s hit dice, 3 times and take the best result. Hit dice for the character classes are as follows:

  • Cleric: d10
  • Fighter: d12
  • Magic user: 1d6
  • Thief: d8
  • Dwarf: d10
  • Elf: d8
  • Halfling: d6

When the character reaches a new level of experience, the hit dice is rolled once and added to the previous total for a new maximum hit point total.

When a character receives damage, it is subtracted from their hit point total. When a character reaches 0 hit points, they fall unconscious and are dying.

Each character has a death threshold which is the negative number of their maximum hit, (i.e., if their max HP is 5, their death threshold is -5.) From 0 HP until their death threshold they are dying and must make a saving throw vs. death each round to stabilize. If the saving throw fails, they lose 1 HP and slide closer to the afterlife. If they succeed, they no longer lose HP and stay at the negative number, (unless something else attacks or damages them.) An ally can also stabilize their dying friend by using their action for the round to bandage them, if they have the supplies.

If the character receives damage that brings him or her below the death threshold they are dead.

Hit Points

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